I have been at Terrace View Apartments for over a year. In the past, they included the Internet, cable and garbage in the whole monthly payment, I recently renewed my lease without reading the agreement in detail, because I thought I could trust them, and if more significant changes in the lease than the previous contract occur, they would certainly let me know. But the day before yesterday, when I paid this month`s rent, I saw that I had to pay the Internet, cables and garbage to pay me separately. When I tried to explain it to the current manager (as I remember, his name is Brady) was very rude, and even at one point raising his voice on me. He`s very disrespectful. Even if he can`t do anything about it, at least one manager should know how to talk respectfully to his clients. This assessment combines tenant ratings and features in a simplified score to help you assess this property. Factors that influenced these assessments include building planning, construction, outdoor spaces and amenities. Terrace View Apartments Luxury Apartments for rent in Blacksburg, VA offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and townhouses for rent. At Terrace View Apartments, we focus on what`s really important – YOU! Live here, you are less than a mile from Virginia Tech, you have access to 14 bus stops and a bike path to campus, close to local hotspots, shops, Route 460 and more! You can choose from a variety of plans to customize your personal style. Townhomes and Garden Apartments are available in many sizes with a variety of options. You`ll discover what student life really is at Terrace View! Call us at an appointment today! We now offer 3 levels of plans to better meet your needs! Please see below for a description to determine the best option for you: Stainless steel appliances (renovated/furnished), improved cabinets, hard surface (quartz or granite), white subway tiles backsplash, improved equipment, lighting and plumbing. The flooring is partially or all: luxury vinyl board, carpet or concrete.

The bathrooms are completely or partially renovated. The Blacksburg (partially renovated/furnished) black material, grey cabinets, black tiles /granite. Flooring can be partial or anything: vinyl luxury board, carpet or concrete. Some bathrooms are also up to date. Caldwell carpets (Classic unrenovated unit/unfurnished), almond/white/black, original wood and/or red cabinets, Formica work plates. Flooring can be partial or total: vinyl sheet, carpet or concrete. Original classic bathroom. Like others, if I could give 0 star, I would. The management is terrible, and they make life here unbearable. We also read the reviews and we always thought we would have more luck.

But it was a fight from the beginning. – Expect inspections at least once a month. – They double many tenants for rent in January, without admitting their own software errors, even if the problem was submitted to them. – You enter your apartment, and leave no message when leaving (as a condition in your rental contract) – you have started to «upgrade» in our unit, which has 18 nails scattered on our chamber mats, with plaster and other debris. – We lack the closet door and door handles in the apartment. – Tenants don`t pick up their dogs, and management doesn`t do anything. – We rented furniture and had to plead for it to be delivered when we move in. After stating that they had 10 days to deliver in writing in the contract, which was a blatant lie. The administration of the building does not take care of you, but only your rent. The office staff are always kind and helpful, but the manager will refuse to take the blame for the mistakes made by the companies rather than blame you.