For telework questions, talk to your telecommuting coordinator or email the national telework coordinator in Visit the HRM Telework website for more information, including: Details of the implementation of the new telework forms, changes in the number of hours of telework per week, and updated processes will be made available in upcoming telework webinars – see calendar below. The USDA allowed legitimate employees to telework up to 12 hours per week with the consent of the supervisor. Superiors must complete the eForm Telework Agreement (AD-3018) for all their employees by Wednesday, October 30. This is a two-part eForm, available on the HRM Telework website. The new eForm Telework Agreement (AD-3018) is available on the HRM Telework website. This is a two-part eForm. . Select the call and join Adobe Connect. Phone lines are limited to 250 lines and Adobe Connect to 500 participants. Participants are encouraged to participate in groups.

Captioning services will be provided. . HRM invites you to participate in a webinar to show you how to conclude the Telework Agreement eForm (AD-3018) and answer questions. See the calendar below; it`s the same webinar offered several times. Calendar invitations are attached to this email. To add a webinar to your personal calendar, open the installation and select «Copy in my calendar.»