You cannot start a sponsorship relationship until you have been accepted as a candidate member of your institute or provincial/territorial association (PTIA) and you have added your sponsor`s name and contact information to the candidate portal. Please read the sponsorship guide (pdf) with your sponsor before you start recording your work experience. To record the necessary work experience, you need to identify a sponsor who is supervising you at this stage of the process. Your sponsor is committed to verifying and validating the recording of your practical experience. Signing your sponsor on the data set means not only that he or she believes the work was performed by you as described above, but also that the promoter is fully convinced that the reported work is an acceptable responsible business planning experience. Ideally, you can include a sponsor`s name at the time of your exam. However, if this is not possible, you have 90 days from the date of your application to identify and secure the consent of a qualified person as a sponsor. Your sponsor must: In order to promote the bank`s activity, confidential information may be shared with potential counterparties. This information should be taken into account in light of their potential benefits and risks.

The most sensitive information should not be disclosed until the potential counterparty has signed a confidentiality agreement with the bank. This responsibility includes safeguarding, safeguarding and properly disposing of confidential information in accordance with the Bank`s records management and management policy. This obligation applies to confidential information provided by third parties, which the Bank has properly obtained through confidentiality agreements. It is therefore appropriate for the Board of Directors and members of the Central Management to take special care to ensure that the confidential information of others is treated responsibly. This confidential information should be processed in accordance with the agreements reached with these third parties. Recognizing that many professional planners may be required to perform duties outside of responsible business planning experience, candidates may be required to gain the necessary practical experience for a long period of time (i.e., beyond the minimum time set above). For example, if 50% of your work time is responsible for professional planning, it would take you four years to gain two years of skilled work experience. . Each member of the Bank`s Board of Directors and Central Management should follow good corporate governance practices. Some of the best corporate governance practices are listed below.