Your title is too long. Remove characters that are below the maximum. Our team works hard to maintain a community that our residents proudly call home, and we are pleased to know that we have met your expectations! Thank you for your appreciation of our excellent service and for your excellent evaluation. We`re sorry, but there was an error when sending your notice. Please, do it again. I`ve been living in the rustic village for 2 years – it`s the best company I`ve ever lived. Affordable – The best. The staff work very well together. The company is clean and clean. Well-maintained. Very nice proximate to the market area.

Lush green grass – tree. Walking area. Cricket – Football Ground. Tennis on grass. Children`s playground. Basketball. Well-maintained gym. Large pool. Party room. library. Free DVD.

And much more. @Rustic Organize lots of parties for residents. We like to live in rustic life. Yosra made the move out of state in the middle of winter so simple and worry-free. Our pets love it here and they have a great dog park for them to stay active. There are many family events in the community and the staff are always willing to help us with everything we need. Our team is here to help you get first class customer service and an apartment to call home. We learned that the problem was discussed with the property manager and that it was resolved the same day it was reported. If you need anything else, please contact our local office for help. Thank you very much. Thank you for your assessment. We are pleased that the outstanding performance you received from Derrick, Jeff and the rest of our team impressed you.

We welcome suggestions for improvement from our residents and have taken note of your comments on some of the accommodation maintenance issues. Please contact our office directly so we can learn more and address your concerns. We look forward to having a relationship with you. We are pleased that she and your puppy have experienced a warm and friendly atmosphere in our community. Our team works hard to provide a positive living experience for our residents and we are grateful for your recognition of our efforts! Please feel free to contact you if we can do anything for you one day, and thank you for your recommendation. We`re glad you`re taking the time to share this feedback from Rustic Village with us! We would be happy to have a chance to continue discussing the comforts of your home, so feel free to swing into our office as soon as possible. We hope to see you soon! We are pleased that you share your fantastic experience and are grateful for your recognition for the friendly service of our team. Thank you for your wonderful assessment, and please feel free to reach if there is ever anything we can do for you. Even if the rustic village is a fair price if you don`t live here like beetles. We have lived here for two years and we live in a garden and we always see ants, centipedes, flying ants, spiders and even a mouse. The laundry is quite expensive – you pay $4 per charge (wash and dry).

There is a gym with a small supplement, but residents do not wipe the equipment and it usually smells. The only thing I would say positively is the location, and the price of the apartment. Otherwise, this place is not ideal. Thank you for your wonderful comments and for your home in the Rustic Village! We are pleased to have been able to find the right one for you in our community. If we can help you with anything while you`re settling in, don`t hesitate to ask! Thank you again for your evaluation — we hope to see you soon! Last year I moved from GA to Rochester. I lived there in many apartments, but never in a rustic apartment in the village.