Tell us what you would trade your favorite MRE and watch the very first episode of Meals Ready to Eat above to see how military cuisine is created and tested in high-tech kitchens, which are then delivered to troops at the front. From the military`s perspective, Close Air Assistance (CAS) is one of the most important support functions the U.S. Air Force provides for the military`s combat operations. A 1948 landmark agreement between the services, the Key West Agreement, initially revived this feature. This agreement integrated the armed forces into an «effective team of land, naval and air forces», and as part of this agreement, the Air Force was given a major task of providing the army with air and logistical support in hand-to-hand combat, including aerial lifting, support and resupply of airborne operations, aerial photography, tactical reconnaissance and prohibition of ground power and enemy communications. [6] In the past, the SAE was a function assigned to Air Force fixed-wing aircraft. The assignment of responsibility for CAS to the Air Force stems from the Key West Agreement of 1948. However, since then, the nature of combat and weapons has evolved to a high degree of technological sophistication. This has been illustrated by combat experiences, such as In Just Cause in Panama and the Persian Gulf War.

[7] The outline of the document was approved at a meeting of the heads of the U.S. Department of Commerce from 11 to 14. It was approved in 1948 in Key West, Florida. C by President Harry S. Truman on April 21, 1958, revised in 1954 by the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration. It wasn`t even the first time the Germans had tried to ride the Mexicans against the United States. There have been at least five other occasions when the German Reich has funded or supported efforts to create tensions in North America.

President Wilson even had to send U.S. troops during his tenure to occupy Veracruz. What the Germans ignored was that Mexico was already in the midst of a civil war, that Mexico had no chance against the United States, that there was already a peace agreement at the time, and that Mexico knew that Germany could not really support it significantly. .