Step 3 – The agreement type can be set by checking a box (1) in section 2 (2). The relationship between Part A and Part B may be indicated in section three (3). It is the policy of the UNC Health Care System and its affiliated companies (individually and collectively referred to as UNCHCS) that users (staff, medical staff, students, volunteers, vendors, external associates and all others authorized to access it) respect and maintain the privacy, confidentiality and security of confidential information (CI). In the course of providing services to UNCHCS or UNCHCS, I may encounter these types of CI: (1) patient information (such as medical records, billing records, and patient conversations), (2) staff information (pay slip, discipline, or any other staff information, volunteers, students, contractors or medical staff), (3) confidential business information of UNCHCS, its associated companies and/or third parties, including third-party software and other licensed products or processes, or (4) operation, quality improvement, peer review, education, billing, reimbursement, management or research (e.g.B usage reports, survey results and associated presentations). Such information from any source and in all its forms, including but not limited to paper recording, oral communications, audio recording and electronic display, is strictly confidential. I understand and agree that I will not access the IC on a legitimate professional basis, that I will maintain, use or disclose it, and that I will limit my access, maintenance, use or disclosure of CI to the minimum required to meet the intended purpose of use, disclosure or request. Step 4 – In the event that the materials are requested by one party, the other party is required to return them within the number of days indicated in this agreement. Enter this number in the field in section 5 (5). Confidentiality agreements also prohibit libraries from sharing prices and license terms. This results in inequality, as libraries may pay very different prices or have different levels of access for the same content. Find your agreement type on the left in the list below and the corresponding instructions on the right. Non-competition clause – A non-competition clause prevents the recipient from competing with a business entity in the same sector or market as the business unit, while using its trade secrets. .

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